In Defense of President Donald John Trump – #45

Originally Published April 11, 2019

“The Donald” did not need to do this, and doesn’t need this, to be the 45th President of the United States of America. As a citizen he had already distinguished himself as a success in many endeavors; Multi-Billionaire International Real Estate Magnate, Promotions Whiz, Media Provocateur, Ratings Champion and Deal Maker Extraordinaire. He must be doing something right to have pissed off so many souls and also capture the presidency with strong grassroots support. This writer was no fan of former President Barack Hussein Obama – #44, nor his administration, yet he was prayed for and supported as our then Commander in Chief. To be the president is a hard Job. Winning this office is no easy task.


Every single day as a then-candidate, and since his election, President Trump gets up, goes out on the world stage where he is attacked relentlessly, mercilessly and savagely by his detractors – as he “works” on behalf of the nation for the betterment of our Republic. He was elected because a majority craved someone to put the interests of our country first. To put our sovereignty first; our economy, national defense, our independence – FIRST.


When one stops to think about it, President Trump in reality is our first independent president. He answers to us. As a non-politician who was (Lawfully & Duly) elected, he has shaken up our entire political system, and this is a great thing, versus the status quo. The GOP really didn’t want him, and to this day and beyond there is a caucus within that party (let alone his own administration) who continue to oppose and undermine his efforts and actions, to say nothing of the 5th Column Democrat Party / Media Cabal. They are an outright disgrace and embarrassment and have done (and continue to do) irreparable damage to our Republic. To say they are irresponsible and dishonest would be an extreme understatement; They are dangerous, and through their limitless media channels and reach could very well bring about our next recession, or even stoke a consumer confidence crisis – borne of their own sick creation. Our great nation deserves better.

yellow press

Yellow Journalism

Fake News

President Trump is no saint. Who among us is? However, no one can deny President Trump’s effectiveness as a Leader. He fights back, he gets shit done. He works. Watching the media bubble-heads continually respond and react to the president is hilarious, and the president is a funny guy. He runs circles around those dodos. The media cannot help themselves; They cannot stop talking about him day in, day out. As Rush Limbaugh might say, “The President is living inside their heads rent-free.”


Our country, sadly, continues on a path of division, and when a democrat is again elected president of the United States this division will continue, albeit with effusive media fawning and glowing support for a Democrat President, support nevermore to be afforded a Republican President. That day is still a ways off, as President Donald John Trump – #45 WILL handily win re-election in 2020.



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