R ~ ight

~ nflappable

~ trong

~ umanitarian (and Hilarious.)

My first exposure to Mr. Rush Limbaugh was around 1992 through my Mom and Dad. They mentioned this dynamo they had heard on the radio who, “talks about things we all talk about and believe.” Attending the University of Arizona at the time for this writer, there was no shortage of left-wing think writ large. It was everywhere (and likely still is.) If you leaned right or were considered conservative you weren’t taken seriously. Conservatism was something you had to keep quiet about. That is, until our Rush Limbaugh Lion burst upon the scene:

Rush Limbaugh

At the time, all there was to go on was what my folks had said about Rush and the myriad negative opinions my classmates and then girlfriend had “shared” about him. Upon finally finding him on the radio dial one day he commanded my attention immediately. There was no hesitation on my commitment to conservatism right then and there. He was right. He told the Truth. Which makes me a ditto head. She was “rightly” horrified (the then-girlfriend) when she discovered my secret…”Shhhh, yes, Rush Limbaugh is AWESOME.” It did not go over well. No matter. The Truth hurts…and it will set you FREE.

Another left leaning girlfriend (circa 2014) was both stunned and intrigued when she discovered my admiration for Rush. She said once, “I can’t believe I’m falling in love with someone who listens to Rush Limbaugh. How did you do that?”


Rush it seems has always been there making sense of the day and doing it with good cheer and humor. For nearly 28 years he’s been a companion on my radio dial. He’s been with me through scores of shitty jobs, dead end government temp work, data entry gigs, delivery boy intern duties, long work commutes and even while a IMAX film projectionist in the early oughts. He helped me hang in and get through it. He’s been there through the many ups and downs in life to this very day. A steady and reassuring voice. He’s never wavered, and he’s always been real, direct and honest about his own struggles and challenges in life. When Rush is “On,” he makes compelling radio.


It’s safe to say for my family and me that he encouraged us to pay more attention to our elected officials and the politics of the day. To engage. We don’t agree with him on everything, yet on a whole lot we do agree. All too often he will say what you are thinking. And it’s incredible how right he is in prognosticating political developments. As Rush likes to say, “Don’t doubt me.” Hilarious a lot of his observations and riffs are. You can tell he’s having a Ball doing what he does. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to get through a monologue when he’s revved up, his imitating in full form. There have been tears of joy in my eyes and pain in my stomach from laughing so hard. El Rushbo uses humor brilliantly to make his many points. As he likes to say, “We highlight the absurd by being absurd.”


Mr. Rush Limbaugh, 69,  is a National Treasure. Talk Radio would not be what it is today without his pioneering the way. It is not an overstatement to acknowledge and recognize the impact he has had in our country and the world. We have to have him. His announcement on February 3, 2020 that he has Advanced Lung Cancer was a Blow. As Mr. Mark Levin said after Rush’s announcement, “What would we do without him?”

Rush, we are praying for your speedy recovery, and will be fighting alongside you. God Speed and God Bless.

“You can surrender without a prayer. But never really pray…pray without surrender. You can fight, fight without ever winning…but never ever win…win without a fight.”

Resist, by Rush ~ lyrics by Mr. Neal E. Peart (RIP)


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