Sick Media

sick cloud

They’ve done it. The media pulled off a BIG ONE this week. The electronic media is our enemy. From the sky is falling wall to wall coverage of the Corona Virus leading to the stock market meltdown, “the media” have ushered in our recession and likely consumer confidence crisis. This is the height of sickness and derangement: Peddling fear and uncertainty which has real world implications in wiping $Trillions (“with a T, sir”) out of the stock market. The proverbial Shit Has Hit The Fan:

“Shit piles of sour psychotic panic” – Stan Ridgway


By all means, now let’s all pile on President Trump because he created this. It used to be President George W. Bush’s fault, but eh, he’s been off the scene for awhile. President Obama of course is above it all. We need a President Sanders to rescue us. He knows. All the worldly experience, acumen and wisdom Mr. Sanders possesses can usher in our Utopia. He can figure this out.


What a shitty week. Can it get worse? Oh yes. As my drill instructor always intoned in Basic Training, “Always Expect The Unexpected.” If this week has shown us anything, we need to be reminded that a lot of things are out of our control. As humans we need to be prepared as best we can to adapt. To rely upon ourselves. The government ain’t gonna come riding to our rescue.



A global pandemic is nothing to take lightly. China. As this writer sits typing this on his Chinese Manufactured computer a thought appears, “it shouldn’t have to be this way.” Why can’t we manufacture our own goods and products? Why do we have to rely so much on a communist country for consumer goods utilizing their slave population? It’s sick. It’s a complex issue boiling down to money, manufacturing costs & scaling, taxation and profits. There is nothing wrong with making profits, we are pro-capitalism. However, if we wanted to, we could manufacture a lot more goods in our own country than we currently do. The USA is her own worst enemy.


As for China, this is an authoritarian totalitarian communist state. They have killed more of their own people than anyone else, forced abortions, you name it. The Chinese Regime has no regard for human life. Humans are subjects. We will never be told the truth on the Corona Virus. Yet we all now have to deal with it, live with it.

What do we do now? Hope for the best and prepare for the worst. This writer doesn’t believe this is as bad as the media is making it out to be, the actual virus. The real problems are the media and negative group think, and not being prepared to adapt.

For all of our faults and shortcomings, the USA is still God’s country. If any country can figure out this problem, we can.



  1. Great perspective, John.. Exactly what I have been thinking this past week. The latest reports are showing a 2% mortality rate for the CV for those infected, while the SARS virus had a 10% mortality rate and did not affect the global markets to this extent… I wonder how the “Open Borders Leftist’ feel about unchecked immigration right about now? #Where’sBeto?

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  2. It’s all true, this is a grave and the media is complicit in trying to ruin the president. This was a manufactured virus by the sickfuck chinese to do three things, 1. Test or dry run a bioweapon that isn’t as fatal as something else they could have put out. This particular virus gives them cover or the ramifications could have been catastrophic. 2. They had severe financial and social issues, have you seen any pro democracy protesters at all anymore, and as the markets around the world collapse this helps China try and regroup. 3. They hate trump because he isn’t the normal suck Chinese cock president like all the time others so they want him ok ur so if the American people get rid of him then China will benefit.

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