hOlDiNg PaTtErN

How is your holding pattern holding up? Burnt out yet on Covid-19? This writer sure is. If only this virus would burn out, and it will. But when? If only more people took it seriously. Maybe soon they will.

Being Holed up in my current homestead has provided ample time for taking stock of “stuff.” Things. Currently undertaking a move after residing 7 years in one place, it amazes me how “stuff” grows around you like a web. And so much stuff from our buddies in China. “Everything is Made in China!”

dew on a web

Decluttering during the Coronavirus Pandemic

Never been a better time to take stock of the physical possessions. Good Ole’ Spring Cleaning. Create clean space for a fresh canvas. Make way for the new:

You start with a simple stock of all the waste
And salt to taste – MGMT, ‘Congratulations’


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