Sentimental Hygiene

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Everybody’s had to hurt about it
No one wants to go without it
It’s so hard to find it
Sentimental hygiene

-Warren Zevon

This writer can’t resist poking a little bit O’ fun at presumptive Democrat Presidential Nominee, Mr. Joe Biden (AKA “Bite Me.”). It’s safe to assume Former Vice President Biden will continue walking and sniffing (fake news) unsuspecting people at the same time; Our current pandemic be damned. After all, there also is a General Election on in 2020. The forthcoming match up between Ole’ Joe & The Donald is a match made in Heaven. Fun Times.

ole joe & the donald


All kidding aside, what a strange moment we find ourselves in. Although it is heartening to see more emphasis on hygiene in its many forms: Sleep hygiene, personal hygiene, cooking hygiene, shopping hygiene, screen hygiene, etc. On this Easter Eve, Cleanliness is next to Godliness.


Living through this pandemic does stir sentiments and feelings of nostalgia. So much has rapidly changed as we forgo certain pleasures, habits and routines. We are making real sacrifices. A lot of what we have been “ordered” to give up, likely will not come back as it was pre-COVID-19. Humans adapt. A new world is being ordered. New World Order anyone?

digital age

Digital Technology certainly lessens the impact (somewhat) of our respective lockdowns as we self-isolate. It all feels cold though. Digital this, digital that, our digital age. Extraordinary times. We look forward to reconnecting with each other in the “real” world soon.

All things must pass, and this once in a hundred year pandemic is no exception. God is in charge. Wishing you a peaceful and glorious Easter as we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, each other and the divine fortune of being born in God’s Country: The United States of America.



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