Upon dissolving a dead-end relationship in late May 2019, this writer began an early morning ritual known as 311’s; which is also a namesake for those purveyors of positivity from Omaha, Nebraska, 311. This morning ritual is simple, and in no particular order involves:

  • Journaling for 11 minutes
  • Meditating for 11 minutes
  • Practicing Spanish for 11 minutes

With a handy dandy iPhone, Siri engages a timer to hold this writer to account. 33 minutes of 11 minute endeavors, no matter how small, yields dividends over time and sets a positive tone for the day. Taking time for yourself first thing on a new day focuses your attention and affords clarity before the rush of our digital age intrudes. There is benefit to slowing down, pacing yourself and setting your own tone.

Meditation Moments ~ SlowDona

And it goes without saying to refrain from checking your e-mail, consuming news, or mindless scrolling through nonsensical crap first thing in the morning. There is too much distraction these days, especially with grim pandemic news. There has never been a better time than now to be, “Up on the Sun.” Establish time for yourself. Take advantage and invest in yourself – however you see fit.

Up On The Sun




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