Time Wave Zero

Where did the last 24 months go? Poof. Forever Gone. Time itself has never been more keenly felt than these past two years. Days felt dazed; Time slowing to a crawl, or rapidly dissipating into the ether in a swirling digital mosaic. Very strange times.

My mantra for these last two years: “That was a little bit of too much, eh?” Let’s all hope and pray for more normal times while reconnecting with each other and celebrating being alive. We’ve all lost a lot these past two years. Everyone.

Compounding my family’s struggles during this once in a century pandemic was my father’s declining health. As an 87 year old man at COVID’s ceremonious kick-off he was a prime target. Everything changed very quickly. It was also a precious and special time for my family. Once in a Lifetime. Miraculously, we (Good ole’ Mom and me) kept him safe throughout the entire global ordeal before his ascension last July. He never succumbed to the coronavirus and passed peacefully at home on his own terms with my mom and me by his side.

Losing one of your best friends (my Dad) turns you inside out. Life forever changes, does it not? Things are not the same. Days take on an oblique hue. Fortunately for this soul, having my mom here (also my best friend) greatly insulates this heaviest of blows. We count our blessings, are grateful for our good health and love one another. Our world looks different, yet “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose ~ The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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