No News is Good News

Turn off any and all so-called “news” notifications on your phone. From time to time, try turning a deaf ear and a blind eye to the “news of the day.” The era of real journalism informing our society passed away 10 years ago on June 13, 2008 with Tim Russert.

Tim Russert was the longest serving moderator (17 years) on U.S. Television’s longest running program, Meet the Press (November 6, 1947 to now.) Since his untimely passing at age 58, journalism and television “news” have become a laughable farce. The quality of Meet the Press today is a far cry from Mr. Russert’s heyday. Mr. Russert covered the real political “news of the day.” He was always well researched, prepared, fair, incisive and erudite. He asked the tough questions to reach the truth. 10 years on the news “biz” (and our Republic) is worse off without him.

Image 6-8-18 at 1.09 PM

As a recovering news junky, this writer grew obsessed with consuming news on September 11, 2001 until recently. Since that time the quality and truthfulness of news content has taken a turn for the worse and now seems only to polarize. Keeping current with the news cycle du jour has become wearying. From time to time it is necessary for a news fast. Earlier this year a solid 2 week news fast brought many positive changes for this writer; Improved clarity, concentration and presence of mind. Tuning out all the static, redundant, and manipulative intrusions that pass for news information provided time and peace of mind to focus on what truly matters; One’s family, self and spirit.

If the “news of the day” is Earth Shattering and of real import, we will hear about it. Indeed, with the mid-term election upon us this Tuesday, November 6th, we will hear plenty about what the results all mean. All we can do is Vote and let the chips fall. Life will go on regardless of the outcome and we all adapt. In the meantime, when you can – forget about the 24 hours news cycle and its subliminal effect and influence on you. I have news! We and our families are what matter in this world, not what passes for news these days.


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