Conspicuous Consumption on a Mindful Scale

Mindful Consumption. Discernment between the ordinary and extraordinary. This writer extolls the virtues of mindful minimalism through conspicuous consumption. Fight Club’s founder (Tyler Durden) said it best; “What are we then? We are consumers, we are byproducts of a lifestyle obsession:”

tyler d.

Tyler Durden and his misguided quasi-fascistic ideology aside (although he meant well), there is more push-back against excessive consumerism these days via; the slow movement, hygge, and other various modes of thought & ideology. We are – all of us – Consumers; of life, spirituality, religion, politics, news, digital miasma, electronics, food, drink, clothing, entertainment, the good and the bad – everything – you name it, we consume it:

  • Con-sum-er: A person who purchases goods for personal use –
  • Con-spic-u-ous: Obvious to the eye or mind; attracting attention: striking – Merriam-Webster.
  • Con-sump-tion: The action of using up a resource – Oxford Dictionary.
  • Mind-ful: Conscious or aware of something –
  • Scale: The relative size or extent of something – Oxford Dictionary.

As a recent convert to minimalism, it’s safe to say we really don’t need that much to live on, with, or to live well. Check out Joshua Becker’s becoming minimalist for ideas and inspiration on this movement of positivity. Keep company with quality people. Choose quality over quantity, and choose those things, endeavors and activities that serve you and bring you joy – whatever they are:


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