March of the Meat Puppets ~ 2019

MeatHeads rejoice. It has been 6 long years since the legendary desert trio released new music. Circa 2019 they have evolved into a quintet with Curt’s Son Elmo Kirkwood on guitar and pianist, Ron Stabinsky on keys. Rounding out this unit original drummer Derrick Bostrom is back behind the drum kit. Check out Derrick’s blog bostworld, he’s the band’s archivist and resident historian. The circle closes. How do they sound circa 2019?


…Like Meat Puppets. The long gestating “Dusty Notes” extolls everything Meat Puppets embody; lyrical surrealism, psychedelic freak outs, jammy vibes, beautiful harmonies crooned by the Kirkwoods, and acoustic textures and tight performances. It’s got everything and then some with virtuoso jazz pianist Ron Stabinsky on keyboards. His contributions greatly expand the puppets sonic palette. He’s all over this one, and as the 5th puppet really makes their sound pop, reaching new heights. They sound wonderful.

new puppets jams

dn meathead

Also new this time around is the album’s art work which perfectly complements this new batch of tunes. Gifted artist, Sam Hundley, created gorgeous pieces which capture the band’s reinvigorated spirit and sound. Recorded in Phoenix, Arizona where the Meat Puppets originally formed, everything flows on Dusty Notes. The original trio sounds  relaxed and with the new players, grand. They keep evolving, and nearly 40 years into their career continue reaching new heights and mind scapes. Don’t miss them live out on the road later this year Puppets 2019 Tour Dates.

Truly a National Treasure, you have to give it up for the Meat Puppets – you just do.

Meat Puppets

MH Phx

puppet vamp

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