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Been hiding out and laying low, it’s nothing new to me…well you can always find a place to go ~ if you can keep your sanity.  -Guns N’ Roses, Out Ta Get Me, 1987

Sometimes in life you reach your limit, need a reprieve and gotta get away to a Hideaway:

Of course writing about hideaways on the internet in a blog takes away from keeping a true hideaway a hideaway in the first place. In practice though, our families, friends and loved ones are the real hideaways. The love and support we give one another through life in good times and bad are those special hideaways which nurture our spirits. A hideaway can be wherever you are. In today’s 7/24 always on world ~ Hideaways are growing harder to come by, yet we need them more than ever. When you need a respite enter


For this writer, our various hideaways give something back to us, they’re an opportunity to slow down, enjoy life and indulge a precious resource called: Time. It’s a different time in 2019. Take a look around you on your next outing and observe the 3rd eye. Nearly everywhere you go smart phones & screens are ubiquitous and seem to be monopolizing everyone’s Time; Screens, digital noise, distraction, marketing, consume-consume-consume:


Our digital world needs to be corralled and minimized to continue enjoying life and what little time we all have on our planet…in this Life. Technology is a wonderful and incredible tool, although these portable pocket slot machines can wreak havoc with our attention spans and presence.

As my good friend likes to say (Happy Birthday Chris, September 7th), You gotta go back to the earth.”


Walkin’ Boss – Dragoon Mountains November 2013

Go outdoors and do some hiking, camping, dining, and take a break from the digital world. Seek new vistas and hideaways in the real world and rejuvenate your spirit. See you in the great outdoors…

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