An ode to early morning strolls…


The rooster crows…Reveille…Rise ‘n Shine. During a trying period 3 years ago, early morning walks became a refuge, a form of salvation habituation. Rising in the darkness and striking out into it sharpens all your senses. Alone with your thoughts in the pre-dawn, a clarity reveals itself.

311 Stealing Happy Hours

Adrenaline surges as shapes move in the dark with jarring sounds: Coyotes, bobcats, deer, javelina, hawks…creatures stir. The weather matters not – rain, sleet, snow – you gotta go.

For true solitude, the early morning stroll is the ride to take. Human sightings are rare. In today’s always on world its more challenging (and rewarding) to find those moments without all the distractions. The early morning stroll sets the tone for your entire day. This is your time as new light glows across the land. The beginning of a new day. New possibilities. An opportunity to reset, see things in a new light, recharge your spirit.

Animal Totems

And if you encounter an animal making eye contact, pay attention. This could be your animal totem. No coincidences. See you at dawn…

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