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Renew ~ Evolve ~ Start Over ~ Expand ~ Take a Chance

re-set: 1. To set again or anew. 2. To change the reading of often to zero.

Everyone deserves a sabbatical, time away from the usual to bring about a Reset in your life. Time to undo bad habits and begin new and better ones. Time to examine these habits all and go deeper to analyze the motivations behind them. This is nothing new to the Mustachians out there (Mr. Money Mustache.) Recently this writer read an enlightening and motivating book entitled, “Atomic Habits,” by James Clear. Mr. Clear backs up many of his ideas and observations with research and statistics, real world personal stories and strategies for implementing positive habits. After reading his tome, it forced me to take a hard and critical look at ALL the habits (and habituations) in my own life, specifically Big ones which consume a majority of that precious resource…TIME.


After 7 years and 7 months in a state government job, the experience had more than run its course into a void…


With this writer turning 50 beers old in 2019, it was now or never, high time to chart a dramatically different course and leave. Reset. Do something new. Something uncomfortable. One Ace in the Hole was my real estate license which had been dutifully maintained for 10 beers. The time had come to dust it off and hit the bricks. Now or Never. Living in Sedona, Arizona among the majestic Red Rocks, if you throw a rock you will likely hit a realtor…or a red rock. Why not give it a shot? Start over from ground zero at the bottom of the proverbial hill and begin the ↑climb↑. Perhaps Mr. Henry Rollins said it best during a circa-2000 Rollins Band performance:


“Life is short. Sometimes, it’s real good when push comes to shove. Either you Fuck. Fight. Kill. Or run away…Life is short, so get to the animal, animal inside, animal outside too. Animal inside, I’m an animal just like you.”

Reset equally applies to inter-personal relationships, in this instance those that drain a person. Those who indulge bad habits (habituations) and drag you down. Get rid of them. Cut them out. Never look back. Self preservation rules the day at all costs.


Reset. Renewal is possible but it does take work. It’s never too late. We don’t get many chances for a do-over in this life. There are no guarantees, although if you put in the time and commit the payoffs can be rewarding. Never give up.

“You can use your illusion ~ Let it take you where it may…we live and learn and then sometimes it’s best to walk away…me I’m just here hangin’ on it’s my only place to stay, at least for now anyway…I’ve worked too hard for my illusions just to throw them all away.” -Guns n’ Roses, Locomotive (Complicity)  


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