Quarantine Spotlight: The Hot Spot


Ripe for a Quarantine Viewing, here is a hidden cinematic gem turning 30 years old in 2020. Released in 1990, The Hot Spot features a fantastic cast of actors in their prime. This is a sexy, atmospheric tale, and the movie has aged very well, thanks to Dennis Hopper‘s restrained and timeless direction. The Hot Spot is one of my Dad’s and my all time favorite films.


Set in an anonymous 1990’s sleepy Texas town, drifter (Don Johnson) emerges from the desert mirage in a classic Studebaker and begins observing the goings on. Soon thereafter he weaves himself into the social fabric of a select few residents and things begin “happening:”

jc hot spot gorgeous

A gorgeous green eyed flower exuding innocence and mystery, Jennifer Connelly‘s fetching character almost seems too good to be true. Is she?

jc & jen

A handsome drifter with a diverse skill set, Don Johnson‘s character has no shortage of confidence and more than a few tricks up his sleeve.


The sexy vixen as performed by Virginia Madsen, brings eroticism, excitement and danger. Who is she really?


The low life redneck in an inspired turn by William Sadler, is both seedy and shady.

The Hot Spot harkens back to a different era. This writer recalls seeing the film in a Tucson, Arizona theater upon its release in 1990 and was deeply impressed by the craft and care that went into the production. The iconic Soundtrack alone makes for moody listening and serves as the ideal backdrop for a story featuring shades of blackmail, crime, eroticism, fraud, and Sex. It’s got a lot going on. This is Director Dennis Hopper‘s finest moment as a filmmaker. A true guilty pleasure, take a trip back in time and revel in a sordid, pulpy story, the likes of which are rarely made anymore.

ths soundtrack

william jc

mgm dj jc

PNG image

mgm dj vm

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