Sideways Sedona

Circa mid-June 2021, Sedona, Arizona; nearby wildfires transform our skies into eerie hues.

There are times in life when nothing goes right. The universe has its own design and plans. You can do everything right and everything goes wrong. When it happens, you show up and go through it.

Are you under the illusion, the path is winding your way? Are you surprised by confusion, when it leads you astray?…have you lived a lifetime today, or do you feel like you just got carried away?…Rush, “The Stars Look Down,” from the 2002 Anthem Records Release, ‘Vapor Trails.’

Tuesday, June 8, 2021, Sedona, Arizona.

June 2021 was a rough ride. 2020 was bad enough ushering in a once in a century pandemic. The month of June threw my family lots of shapes; from totaled vehicles, collisions with wildlife, raging wildfires, septic system meltdowns (when the shit hits the land!), bank closures, a loved one’s multiple hospitalizations & return trips to the emergency room, to pesky and annoying neighbors…June 2021 was an instructive span of time. It’s good to have your ass handed to you from time to time, and realize how little control you really have in this life. As bad as things can get, all things must pass, even the bad times…better times lay ahead.

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