Due to Covid-19…

Due to Covid…No Fun Allowed

Due to Covid…To Mask or Not to Mask

Due to Covid…The Chinese are making their moves

Due to Covid…We gave up more liberty & became more compliant

Due to Covid…That’s our excuse for everything

Due to Covid…The Media is the Virus

Due to Covid…We now have the Bite Me Ha Ha Harris Administration

Due to Covid…Demand for nearly all goods and services is through the roof – Thank you Stimmies.

Due to Covid…The USA has printed nearly $6 Trillion Dollars of Fiat Money

Due to Covid…Hello inflation

Due to Covid…Government overreach has dramatically increased

Due to Covid…Mental health has declined

Due to Covid…

Due to Covid…The Stock Market keeps hitting new highs! The new roaring 20’s!

Due to Covid…More Surveillance

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