Disconnections & Reconnections

During this pandemic, reconnections have been made. Especially with those old past times which fell by the wayside. The simple things.


Reconnecting with an old friend (and Lover) from a distant era. Hanging with a friend. Reconnecting with our families – sharing meaningful time and laughs together.

Teamwork concept

Listening to old records (albums!) through headphones. Knowing where the skips and scratches are on the platter – transporting you to your teenage bedroom.

Reconnecting with nature. Slowing down. Disconnecting from computers, screens, news cycles, American Strife, lockdowns and pandemic blues. Sometimes it takes earth shattering events to shake us to our core. To realize what matters most in this life. And yes, with every reconnection there are disconnections.


We’ve never been more connected in our digital age, and equally disconnected as a society than now. With a computer in everyone’s back pocket we are plugged into a digital matrix…subjects all. Yet, we’re more disembodied and “socially distanced” as the COVID-19 Sars-cov-2 pandemic rages on.



Times are weird at the moment, and disconnecting has been surprisingly easy, and healthy – especially for self preservation. This moment we find ourselves in will pass. Contemporary life will never be the same, but the dystopian harshness of “this day” will one day recede, allowing us opportunities to resume living among the living. And when that day arrives, we’ll have a ball appreciating (reconnecting), and celebrating our many blessings and good fortune.


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