Stepping it up…Sucking it up…Sticking it out

2020 continues throwing us lots of shapes. As this most unusual year continues grinding on, more shapes are forthcoming. In light of a once in a century pandemic, most of the USA has absorbed, adapted and adjusted to a new reality. Humans adapt. We’ve all had to step it up in our lives – We keep showing up, rolling up our sleeves and going to work.

In an election year where we will choose our next president of the United States, the battle lines are now clearly drawn. This writer embraces realism, seeing things as they are. Our Republic has been courting “trouble” for a very long time; political correctness, declining civility and decorum in public discourse, cultivation of the nanny state,

and by looking away from what the country has become to-day. Can all these disparate ways of life in these lands continue flourishing as we have for a quarter millennium? In today’s United States, are we united? How much longer will people tolerate being pushed? Violence and resistance have been part of our DNA ever since our declared independence and founding.

Grievances, everybody’s got one, or truckloads. But so what? Are we to continue complaining and blaming others for our own respective failures in life? Where else in the whole wide world can a person get a second chance in life to start over and chart a different course? All these bellyachers and complainers need to suck it up – We keep showing up, rolling up our sleeves and going to work.

And the same holds true for the 2020 general election and the direction “the people” ultimately choose to go. We live in a Representative Democratic Republic, and yes, “elections have consequences.” Life goes on. No one gets everything, nor do we win ’em all. Life ain’t fair, yet we are blessed to live in God’s Country. And the people who make this country work, who make it great, will carry on regardless of the election results, and the subsequent fallout. We continue sticking it out – We keep showing up, rolling up our sleeves and going to work.

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