Half The World

Where are we now? Living through a once in a century pandemic. For some, it’s been the best of times, and for many more others… the worst of times. Divides are growing literally ever wider between us as social distancing and shutdowns persist to combat the Novel Coronavirus. Politically our divides have never been wider, especially in the United States of America.

As Americans, we have far more in common than our politics, media pundits and political operatives would have us believe. Considering what has been going on (aside from our innumerable cancellations and postponements) during this pandemic, and now the fallout still to come from the 2020 General Election, it’s a miracle how well Americans have adapted and resolved to move on. No matter what the enemies in our midst throw at us to divide and agitate, our American Spirit remains strong and resilient.

*Half the world hates
What half the world does every day
Half the world waits
While half gets on with it anyway

There is, however, no denying the incalculable damage that has been done to American Prestige, our collective psyche. And there is no going back. Questionable outcomes. Two halves. Two Americas.

*Half of us divided 
Like a torn-up photograph
A torn-up photograph…

And yet, as divided and isolated as we are during a nasty pandemic, we move on amid the fallout from a polarizing and divisive election. What else can we do? We keep moving, and we hold onto that teeny, tiny sliver of hope that better days lay ahead…and they do. There are still many among us reaching out. Trying to reach the other side, or just reach each other in general.

*…Half of us are trying 
To reach the other half 
To reach the other half

Henry Purcell – When Two Worlds Meet ~ Afsaneh Oroojnia

When we do make a connection, how glorious it can be. When Two Worlds Meet…Beautiful Friction Happens. Sparks of new life. New beginnings and possibilities. Thoughts click. Now more than ever we need to connect and continue pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zones to grow and complement. We can’t continue hiding in our houses the rest of our days. Life is meant to be lived. And adapt we do to the times but not at the expense of our humanity by turning away from each other. With all the differences we have, we must connect. And in so doing, we may find out how much we do have in common…our humanity.

*Lyrical Excerpts from the 1996 Atlantic Records Release, Rush, ‘Test For Echo‘ ~ “Half The World”, –Neil Peart, neilpeart.net

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