Let’s turn the page, shall we?

A new world has spun all around us…spinning like a spider web. We’re all feeling spun. In less than a year’s time everything has changed. Were we complacent before – how good we had it? Yes. God put us on notice. So many pastimes are bygones. What’s in, What’s out?:

In: Masks, Fear, Anxiety, Avoidance, Insomnia, Isolation, Compliance, Censorship, suckling on the government Teet, Staring at screens, Gaslighting, Ghosting, Social Media / Big Tech Submission, Doom Scrolling, President-elect Biden, Fakery and Fraud, Washington D.C. Deep-State Cabal, Cancel Culture, Woke Bullshit, Political Correctness Run Amuck, Group Think, Chinese interference everywhere, Being a subject

Out: Gathering / Peaceably Assembling, Meet Ups, Going to the Movies, Concerts, Shows, Dining, Hanging Out, Traveling, Connecting in Person, Showing Up, Humor, Having Fun, President Trump, The Truth, What REALLY Happened?..and To the Republic for Which it Stands, Liberty

2020 the lost year, a big ZERO. Strange times. Vaccines once their efficacy and safety are proven, should begin enabling societal normalcy the 2nd half of 2021, or early 2022. How many people though are going to eagerly receive the shot? With an understandably leery and weary populace, it’s still a tough sell. Until then, we hold on.

Even stranger than the fallout from one modern pandemic was the messy electoral outcome in our so-called United States (now forever divided.) Painful to accept this once great Republic has devolved into a banana republic. What would our constitutional founders think? The Greatest Generation? This writer knows many octogenarians and septugenarians who are rightfully concerned about our country’s downward trajectory. Our society (republic) is sick, and has been for decades. Can a sick society and culture be redeemed? We the people? Jury’s still out…and those of us who do care continue looking out for one another and our families.

As constraining and lousy as 2020 has been, we remain hopeful – we have to be. Tough times never last forever. Despite the limitations of the moment, a whole lot of new possibilities have come to light, many facilitated by technology, and yes, also by the plague. Our Republic also endures. The late great Neil Peart once wrote, The Way Out is the Way in. We’re ready to turn this page…

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